NY. Colorville


NY, Colorville

New York is a center of politics, economics, culture and arts of world and a city held a privilege, thus New York is a another miniature universe. However, figure of New York made out by mine is different from ordinary figure of New York. The New York seems to shrouded in static atmosphere like silence of uninhabited island.
His photo keep figure of old going-out things shadowed from endless generated new things within metropolitan in his sight. Only turning eyes point within eye reach do not suffices to understand New York. Through contrast to light point of urban, effectiveness which darkness possessed could be introduced. There is no man among photos of New York taken by him, but it is a irrefutable portrait of New York what people say of photo. He raise effectiveness of photo to a higher grade by oil painting on the surface og photo. I am sure that such new attemption at formative method is not only originated new changes in the methodology of photo as well as his eyeshot look through world at New York.

뉴욕은 세계의 정치와 경제, 문화와 예술의 중심으로, 하나의 소우주를 이루고 있는 특권적인 장소다. 그의 뉴욕의 모습은 다르다. 그곳은 마치 무인의 도시와도 같은 정적인 분위기에 싸여 있다. 그의 시선은 대도시 안에서 끊임없이 생성되는 새로운 것들의 그늘에 가려진 낡고 버려지는 것들의 모습을 놓치지 않았다. 뉴욕을 이해하고 표상하기 위해서는 빛이 닿는 부분에만 눈길을 주어서는 충분하지 않다. 도시의 밝은 부분과의 대비를 통해서 어두운 부분이 갖는 효용성을 끌어내고 있는 것이다. 그의 뉴욕에는 사람이 찍혀 있지 않지만 그것은 누가 무어라 해도 분명 엄연한 뉴욕의 포트레이트다.

/ 김승곤 (Kim, Seung-kon)

City Scape


American Myth


Attraction & Body


Korean Myth


Oriental Beauty



MFA. Photography, Pratt Institute, New York

BFA. Photography, School of Visual Arts, New York

Graduate film classes at Chung-Ang University

Graduated Seoul Institute of Arts. Film Major



1977-1998 : Founder and President of K-1 Studios in Seoul, Korea, Studio caters to Korean fashion industry

1982-1990 : Instructor, Seoul Institute of Arts

Present    : Professor, Keimyung University, College of Fine Arts



1969 "Jae Gil Lee" - Gongwa Gallery, (Dae-gu, Korea)

1985 "Girls and Illusion" - Japan Cultural Center, (Seoul. Korea),

       "Girls and Illusion" - Dong-A Cultural Center, (Dae-gu, Korea)

1986 "Fantasia " - Seoul Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

1987 "Fantasia"series

       - Dongbang Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

       - New Core Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

       - Jazz Gallery, (Taipei, Taiwan)

       - Pentax Forum, (Tokyo, Japan)

       - Daegu Gallery, (Daegu, Korea)

1988 "Fantasia"series - Eight Road Gallery, (Tokyo, Japan)

       "Fantasia"series - New Core Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

1993 "Fantasia & Dream" - Seoul Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

1997 "American Myth" - Pratt Studio Gallery, (New York, USA)

      "Fantasia & Dream"series - Broome Street Gallery, (New York, USA)

1998 "American Myth" - Seoul Arts Center Art Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

1999 "City Scape, (Image of NYC)" - Dae Gu Culture Art Center, (Dae Gu, Korea)

      "American Myth" - Young Kwang Gallery, (Pusan, Korea)

2000 "Nude" - Samsung Camera Cyber Gallery (www.zoomin.co.kr)

2001 "Dream" - P & A Gallery, (Dae Gu, Korea)

2002 "Grace & Beauty" - Hwan Gallery, (Dae Gu, Korea)

2003 "Eve" - Hwan Gallery, (Dae Gu, Korea)

       "NUDE" - Korea Modern Arts Center Art Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Shadow & Light" - La Mer Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

2004 "Attraction" - Kim Young Seob Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

2005 "Imaging Asia" - Lee Jae Gil speciality Exhibition, (Dae Gu, Korea)

       "Lee Jae Gil Exhibition, Nude series"-Doosan Arts Center,(Dae Gu, Korea)

2006 "NY, Colorville" - Kim Young Sub Gallery(Seoul, Korea)

2007 "NY, Colorville" - DGB Gallery(Dae gu, Korea)

2008 "Korean Myth Series" - Kim Young Sub Gallery(Seoul, Korea)

2009 "Oriental Beauty" - Beijing. Korean Cultural Service(Beijing, China)

2010 "Dream" - Geukjae Museum(Dae Gu, Korea)

2011 “Woman" Gyeongju Culture EXPO(Gyeongju, Korea)


Selected Group Exhibitions

1984~present Korean Advertising Association

1994 Fifty Years of Korean Photography: 1945-1994

1995 Digital Photography, Ridge Street Gallery, (New York, USA)

1996 International Exhibition for Advertising Photography, (Seoul, Korea)

1998 '98 Exhibition of 1000 Photographers, (Seoul, Korea)

Seoul Photography Exhibition '98, (Seoul, Korea)

1999 Korea-Japan "1999-2000 Photo Exhibition (Seoul, Tokyo, China) Professor's Exhibition for Keimyung University, (Dae gu, Korea)

1999~present The society of Modern Photography Exhibition, (Dae Gu, Korea)

2000 Korea-Australia Exchange Photographer Exhibition, (Australia, Seoul, Dae gu)

2001 Six Countries Asia Photographers Exhibition, (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan)

2002 Still-life Exhibition, (Dae Gu, Korea)

SVA. School of Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition, Lux Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

2003 Photographers ASIA 2003" - "Heart to Ecology", (Korea, China, Japan)

Best Star & Best Artist Exhibition, In-Sa Art Center Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

From Fashion Photographys, Daelim Museum, (Seoul, Korea)

2004 SVA. School of Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition, Lux Gallery, (Seoul, Korea)

"Do-Yun" Ten-Nations Photo-Funeral Expenses Festival & International Photography Expo", (Do-Yun, China)

2005 Imaging Asia Spacial Exhibition Jae Gil Lee, Exco, (Dae gu, Korea)

2006 Humanity of Angle - Museum of Kwang ju, (Gwang ju, Korea)

SVA. School of Visual Arts Alumni Exhibition, Visual Arts Gallery, (New York, USA)

2007 Daegu Art Fair - Exco (Dae gu, Korea)

2008 Seoul International print & Photography Art Fair(SIPA) - Coex, (Seoul, Korea)

Recently of Modern Arts Exhibition, (Cultural Center of Anyang)

Jinan International Modern Photography Biennalre, (Jinan, China)

2009 Korea.China.Japan Exhibition, (Seoul, Korea)

2010 The 2nd International for Photography, (Seoul, Korea)


1985 "Man & Woman" - Garam Publishing Company, (Seoul, Korea)

1987 "Fantasia" - Time Space Publishing Company, (Seoul, Korea)

1988 "Fantasia & Dream" - Kwangmoonsa Press, (Tokyo, Japan)

1991 "Jae Gil Lee : Photography" - photo Press, (Seoul, Korea)

1993 "Fantasia & Dream" - Time Space, (Seoul, Korea)

1997 "Fantasia & Dream"series - Broome Street Gallery Publishing, (New York, USA)

1998 "American Myth" - Time Space, (Seoul, Korea)

2001 "Calotype process" - Keimyung Univ, (Dae gu, Korea)


  • 2002 Korea Federation of Advertising Association,

         (Meritoriousness Adverting Photographer, the Prime Minister award a prize)

  • 2006 2006 Geumbok cultural foundation - Artist Award


1984 Art Director Index to Photographers NO.10 (Bern, Swiss)

1985 "Nude From Korea"- Photo-Japan, (Tokyo, Japan)

1986 "Mut: Special Edition"- Dong-A Daily News, (Seoul, Korea)

1987 "Fantasia" - Commercial Photo, (Tokyo, Japan)

       "Nude" - Flash : Special Edition, (Tokyo, Japan)

       "Fantasia" - Chung-Ang Daily News : Special Edition, (Taipei, Taiwan)

1988 "Nude" - Chosun Daily News, Monthly Magazine, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Special Interview" Yomiwori Daily News, (Tokyo, Japan)

       "Nude" - Minolta Camera magazine : special Edition, (Tokyo, Japan)

       "Fashion Photography" - Photo 291 : Special Edition, (Seoul, Korea)

1989 "Fantasia" - Young Lady : Special Edition, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Fantasia" - Design Magazine : Special Edition, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Fantasia" - Seoul Magazine : Fashion Special Edition-11Month, (Seoul, Korea)

1990 "Fantasia" - Design Journal, (Seoul, Korea)

1992 Art Directors Index to Photographers, (Swiss)

      "Fantasia" - Monthly Magazine, Doosan, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Nude"- Monthly Magazine Chung-Ang, (Seoul, Korea)

1992~present "Fantasia" Korean Advertising Photography Association, (Seoul, Korea)

1993 Art Directors Index to Photographers, (Swiss)

       "Special Interview" Monthly Magazine, Chosun April/June, (Seoul, Korea)

1994 "Nude" - Chung-Ang Daily News Monthly Magazine Feb, (Seoul, Korea)

       "Nude" - Chosun Daily News Monthly Magazine "Feel" Feb, (Seoul, Korea)

1996 "The Book of International Exhibition for Advertising Photography", (Seoul, Korea)

1997 Photography in New York, (New York, USA)

1999 "City Scape" Fine Art photography, Monthly Magazine, (Seoul, Korea)

       "City Scape" Photo house, Special Edition, (Dae gu, Korea)

2000 "Special Interview" Kodak-korea, Monthly Magazine, (Seoul, Korea)

2003 "Korea Modern Arts Exhibition", The Fine Art Photography Magazine, (Seoul, Korea)

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