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Executive Director: Dong Jun Lee

Born in South Korea, Dong Jun Lee explores issues about changing environment and natural landscape by the development of human civilization. Using photographic method, he reminds us of our effect on nature, where it be marks we leave on the earth, or the destruction of entire landscapes for materialistic purposes. Mr. Lee had numerous solo and group shows including Seoul Museum of Art, Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, Daegu Culture and Arts Center, Busan Young Kwang Gallery and Kyoung Joo Cultural Expo Center. Lee also writes and lectures extensively on reinterpretation of straight photography and documentary photography. His recent publication, Photographic theory of Walter Benjanim, was included in Korean Photography Society conference in 2011.Lee received MFA degree in photography from Jung Ang University in Seoul, Korea and formal associate professor in the department of Photography and Animation at Mi Rae College in Dae Gu, Korea. 

Assistant Director: Min Kim Park

Min Kim Park is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and curator. Park’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally since 2007. Her work has been included at the New Mexico Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Arts in Santa Fe, Site Santa Fe, Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Arizona State University, University of Houston, Texas Tech University, University of California, Santa Barbara, Emory University, Kinsey Institute, Private Museum in Singapore, Syo gallery in Korea, Daegu Photo Biennale 2014, Korean Cultural Center in Beijing, China. Recently, she had organized international/nationwide symposiums and exhibitions, such as, Symposium on Postmodern Documentary Photography and international contemporary photography exhibition/symposium, titled, Indecisive Moment.She received an MFA degree in photography from the University of New Mexico in the US and taught at various institutions such as Northwestern University, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University and Purdue University.  

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